Your gown should be cleaned as soon
as possible after being worn. The
longer that stains set in the dress, the
harder it will be to remove them.   
Most brides will want to preserve their
dress in order to have it as a
keepsake.  Also, many will want to
pass it on to their daughters. We
recommend having the dress cleaned
before having us store it.  Invisible
stains and body oil may cause the
dress to turn yellow within time and
the stains will no longer be able to
come out. After cleaning, we can pack
your wedding gown in a special
storage box that will help prevent
contamination.  You will need to store
your gown in a cool, dry place. Do not
store it in a basement or attic.
Basement dampness could cause the
dress to turn yellow; attic heat could
also  promote yellowing of the fabric.