Same-Day Service
     Drop off your cleaning on your way to work and pick them up on your way
home.  Our Walpole store offers same day service, and so will the new Foxboro
store.  The Wrentham store and Attleboro store offer next day service.  In
addition, you can feel free to drop something off at one location and then pick it
up at another.  That means  you can drop something off at Walpole or Foxboro,
and get it back later that evening in Wrentham or Attleboro.  Call ahead and find
out, we will do everything we can to accomodate you!
Dry Cleaning
-Comforters-Sleeping Bags-Prom Dresses - Tablecloths - Curtains & More.  
Trust us with your professional drycleaning.

Shirt Laundry
All shirts are done by us, they are never out sourced.  They come back clean
and pressed and any missing or broken butttons are sewed on free of charge.
Tailoring & Alterations
We can do shortening, repairs, and taking-in of your clothing. We offer tailoring
at all of our locations, however, tailors that are on site to provide you with a
fitting are located at:
1335 Main Street  Walpole, MA
121 Main St Unit # 110  Foxboro, MA
Tailor is available for fitting most mornings from 7 A.M - 2P.M.  Call to confirm,
no appointment necessarry.
Leather & Fur Cleaning
We provide leather and fur cleaning as well as fur storage.
Drive Thru Service
No need to get out of your car. Drop off and Pick up thru our drive-thru.  Its the
best thing to ever happen to drycleaning.
Located at:
1335 Main Street Walpole, MA
121 Main St Unit # 110 Foxboro, MA

UGG Boots Cleaning
We now clean UGG boots! Bring in your UGG Boots and we will clean and
re-dye them.  They come out looking brand new!
Click to see photos of before
and after.

Shoe Repairs
We now have a cobbler who can help with your shoe repairs as well.
Wedding Gown Preservation
Let us pofessionally clean, box, and preserve your wedding gown. We
have been cleaning wedding gowns for over 20 years.  Take your dress to
someone you trust, and get it cleaned at a great price!