Leather, Suede & Fur Cleaning
We offer professional fur
cleaning and repairs. Furs placed
in storage are stored in a climate
and temperature controlled fur
vault.  The vault is in a secure,
off-site location and is
monitored around the clock in
order to insure both security of
the fur, as well as making sure
to keep the temperature and
humidity controlled to the
proper fur storage settings.  Fur
cleaning is recommended
anually to maintain proper
conditioning of the fur.
We offer professional leather and suede
cleaning.  Leather cleaning is
recommended anually to maintain
conditioning of jacket or item. We also
offer re-dyeing of leather to bring that new
look back.  In addition, we have an
excellent tailor for leathers... we can do
takening-in, shortening sleeves and pant
legs, new zippers, snaps, buttons, new
knit cuffs or waist bands, and be amazed
with our repair of tears and rips