Do you have a pair of pants or
skirt, that is too short, too
long, too tight, too loose, or
has a broken zipper...? Don't
get rid of them, bring them in
and have us make them
No job is too big or too small,
we do everything from buttons
to wedding gowns.  We can
handle the most complex
problems and the easiest, we
can do your bridesmaid
dresses and prom dresses,
take-in your suit jackets, and
we do original hem
shortening.  We have four
professional seamstresses on
staff, we can do it right, and
we can do it fast!
WHAT CAN WE DO ........

*Take-in waist
*Open waist
*New Zippers
*Shorten straps
*Shorten sleeves
*Turn shirt collar
*New pockets
*Zipper pulls
*Leather- zippers
*Leather- shortening
*Leather- invisible patching

AND MORE........
shortened with original hem
standard shortening