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Our flagship store in Walpole
has been winning the award of
best cleaners in town year after
year as far back as one can
remember.  This has been our
main plant for over 15 years
now.  We have also received
best in Wrentham and
Foxboro in previous occasions.
 We continue to provide
excellent prices, quality, and
un- parrrelled service!
    Reliable Dry Cleaners entered its main plant in the American
magazine's 43rd national annual best plant design...We
didn't win first place, but are just as proud to have won an honorable
mention on a national level.  We have tried to build our plant to be as
effecient as possible, as well as designing a beautiful store, and this
award is a result of our efforts.  This can be seen in all 4 of our stores.  
We pride ourselves on the cleanliness, neatness, and modern appearance
of our stores.